Main benefits of membership

Gaining industry know-how and attendence at events

  • Regular monitoring of events from the field (conferences, seminars, expositions) in the Czech republic and abroad
  • Free access to major seminars, lectures, discussions, excursions and other VR and AR related events organized by the association
  • Favored participation at Czech VR Fest for exhibitors and free tickets for members
  • Attendance at partner events, exhibitions, seminars and conventions with discounted tickets for members

Contacts, networking and awareness

  • Regular member meet-ups with specialized discussions, workshops or seminars
  • Opportunity for informal meetings with developers, contractors and members from other industry segments
  • Attendance at AVRAR council meetings and awereness of it's activities and other news from the field
  • Promotion of member companies at association website, specialized events (expos, conferences, competitions, educational programmes) and in AVRAR materials

Getting contracts

  • Platform for keeping members constantly posted about current VR and AR business inquiries
  • Unique opportunity to participate in tenders organized by our contractors
  • Transparent environment and official selection procedures with clear rules

Increased credibility in the market

  • Association membership boosts your company's relevance in the field

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