The launch of the Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Prague - October 17, 2017 - The Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality was officialy launched on Tuesday at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC) in Prague with the presence of it's visionaries and founders Martin Kotek and Jakub Stejskal.

The Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality has set out to connect entities from the Czech or Slovak republic involved in virtual or augmented reality technologies. It will also try to push through legal changes to help new technology find it's application in various business fields and into society. The association connects commercial subjects as well as academic workplaces and individuals with a common goal - using technological innovations and expanding it's applications to increase the efficiency of human work - helping developers, researchers and innovative business projects and channeling funds to the field's benefit. The association has placed it's office in CIIRC at the Czech technical university which helps it connect the academic workplace with businesses as well as with young talents working with VR technologies.

The association has founded the Virtual reality academy to educate young enthusiasts and high school students. It has also founded the Contractors club to connect commercial bodies with researchers and developers.

The association is also going to host specialized and popularizing events to teach the public about virtual reality applications with different theme each month. The theme for October was "Virtual reality in film" whereas the November theme will be "Virtual reality and it's industrial applications".

The association will be available to answer further media questions.

Association members

  • Hyperbolic Magnetism

    VR games developers
  • VirArch

    Creative innovations for the digital world
  • Cleverlance

    IT conzultanting and complex SW solutions, tailored IT innovative solutions
  • Solirax

    Czech company developing an operating system for VR

    VR games studio
  • Dream.Digital

    Advertisement and marketing studio offering creative applications of VR
  • Virtual Medicine

    Creators of VR study materials about the human body for high school and university students
  • Grapefruit

    Marketing company helping companies enter the digital world (websites, applications, social media)
  • SOH

    Everything for lights and lasers (from control centers to laser shows)
  • LBA

    Graphics and animations vfx studio
  • UGO!Media

    Integration of vizual systems with emphasis on technological innovations in retail
  • Xlab

    Television and film production, multimedia show
  • Virtoox

    VR developers

    Biggest VR playroom in Czechia

    Creative digital and VR agency

Čestní členové asociace


    Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics
  • DCGI

    Department of comuputer graphics and interaction, FEL CVUT
  • SSPŠ

    Smichov secondary school
  • VUPI

    Research institute for business and innovation

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